Canada Casino Niagara Falls

Canada Casino Niagara Falls is located less than 20 minutes from the Fallsview Casino, making it easy to travel to both places without hassle. The casino is owned by the Ontario government through the Ontario Hibooz Lottery and Gaming Corporation and is managed by Falls Management Group LP. Visitors to the falls can enjoy live entertainment as well as a dazzling array of gaming options.

While the casino does not have a unionized workforce, workers are still eligible for unionization, and CAW and UNITE HERE have been active in the campaign to organize workers. Unionized casino workers enjoy better wages and working conditions. Unions are the best way to guarantee a fair working environment for all people.

The casinos in Niagara Falls are essential to the local economy. They employ more people than the next eight largest employers combined, making them a vital part of the community. While some workers make fashionnowdays close to minimum wage, many more rely on seasonal employment to make ends meet. However, the casinos are vital to the city’s continued economic prosperity, which is only possible if the people who work there have good jobs.

Niagara Falls is home to three casinos open to the public. Two of them are located in Canada, while the third is in the U.S. They each have over four40,000 square feet of gaming space, and each offer their own unique options. The Niagara Casino offers over 8000 slot machines, 250 gaming tables, 35 poker tables, and a sports betting center.